Chinese Character 火 (Fire) visualized

These Chinese Characters are based on 火 (Fire)

chinese character fire huo 火 illustrated

火 (huǒ)

This Chinese Character is clearly the pictograph of a fire, isn't it?

HSK-Level: HSK 2
HSK Word: 火车站 (huǒchēzhàn) - train station

Frequency: 433 out of 9933

Popular words with 火:
火车票 (huǒchēpiào) - train ticket
火锅 (huǒguō) - hot pot (famous Chinese food)
火星 (huǒxīng) - planet Mars (fire star)

chinese character inflammation yan 林 illustrated

炎 (yán)

The pictograph of two fires above each other symbolizes the meaning of "inflammation".

HSK-Level: HSK 6
HSK Word: 发炎 (fāyán) - become inflamed from infection or injury

Frequency: 1324 out of 9933

Popular words with 炎:
消炎 (xiāoyán) - to reduce fever
胃炎 (wèiyán) - gastritis
炎炎 (yányán) - scorching (burning hot)

chinese character for extinguish mie 灭 illustrated

灭 (miè)
Extinguish, put out

The pictograph of fire (火) with a stroke (or a blanket of waterdrops - as we picture it) above it is about to be extinguished - to extinguish.

HSK-Level: HSK 6
HSK Word: 毁灭 (huǐmiè) - to perish; ruin; destroy

Frequency: 953 out of 9933

Popular words with 灭:
消灭 (xiāomiè) - to wipe out; put an end to
灭火 (mièhuǒ) - to extinguish a fire
幻灭 (huànmiè) - to disillusion

combinedAnd if you combine "woman-related" Chinese Characters with other Chinese Characters, you will even get more new characters with absolutely new meaning. These meanings are not always the combination of the combined characters meanings. Sometimes one used element is just for giving a hint for the pronunciation. WoMingbai still tries finding a good story to explain why combining these two characters might result into the new meaning.
chinese character burn fen 焚 illustrated

焚 (fén)

The pictograph 林 (woods) with 火 (fire) beneath it shows a fire burning the woods - burn.

HSK-Level: -
HSK Word: -

Frequency: 2498 out of 9933

Popular words with 焚:
焚尸 (fénshī) - to cremate
焚烧 (fénshāo) - Incineration
玩火自焚 (wánhuǒzìfén) - playing with fire

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