Chinese Character 口 (Mouth) visualized

These Chinese Characters are based on 口 (Mouth)

chinese character mouth, opening kou 口 illustrated

口 (kǒu)

The pictograph of a mouth wide open - a square - represents not only mouth, but also "opening".

HSK-Level: HSK 3
HSK Word: 口 (kǒu) - mouth

Frequency: 212 out of 9933

Popular words with 口:
人口 (rénkǒu) - population
入口 (rùkǒu) - entrance
出口 (chūkǒu) - exit

chinese character products pin 品 illustrated

品 (pǐn)

Three 口 (mouths) in one place often discuss their last purchases, right?

HSK-Level: HSK 5
HSK Word: 作品 (zuòpǐn) - works (of literature and art)

Frequency: 308 out of 9933

Popular words with 品:
人品 (rénpǐn) - character, moral standing
正品 (zhèngpǐn) - quality product
奖品 (jiǎngpǐn) - award, prize

chinese character say 曰 illustrated

曰 (yuē)

Looking very closely into a mouth (口) one can see red on red the tongue. The mouth needs this tongue in order to speak:-)

HSK-Level: HSK -
HSK Word: -

Frequency: 1656 out of 9933

Popular words with 曰:
曰 (yuē) - Say

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