Chinese Character 日 (Sun/Day) visualized

These Chinese Characters are based on 日 (sun/day)

chinese character sun day ri 日 illustrated

日 (rì)
sun, day, date

This is the pictograph of a sun, symbolizing the day.

HSK-Level: HSK 2
HSK Word: 日 (rì) - sun, day, date

Frequency: 101 out of 9933

Popular words with 日:
生日 (shēngrì) - birthday
日前 (rìqián) - the other day
日日 (rìrì) - everyday

chinese character white bai 白 illustrated

白 (bái)

The pictograph representing a sun (日) gets another reflex of light in the top (a stroke) just like if you look over a reflecting surface onto the sun. You will see the brightest color that exists - white.

HSK-Level: HSK 2
HSK Word: 白 (bái, bó) - white; snowy; pure; bright; empty

Frequency: 286 out of 9933

Popular words with 白:
明白 (míngbái) - clear, obvious, to understand
白天 (báitiān) - daytime, during the day
白菜 (báicài) - Chinese cabbage

chinese character hundret bai 百 illustrated

百 (bǎi)

The pictograph representing a white (白) gets another horizontal stroke - in our story representing a silvery plane that reflects the light of a sun even by the factor of Hundred - that is 100 in numerals - or 百 in Chinese.

HSK-Level: HSK 2
HSK Word: 百 (bǎi) - hundred

Frequency: 407 out of 9933

Popular words with 百:
百姓 (bǎixìng) - common people
百万 (bǎiwàn) - million(s) (hundred - ten thousand)
一呼百应 (yīhūbǎiyìng) - One hundred answers to a single call (idiom)

chinese character prosperous chang 昌 illustrated

昌 (chāng)

The pictograph representing a sun (日) doubled symbolizes the prosperous life style. Only the prosperous people can live and relax under the light of two suns, right?!

HSK-Level: HSK 6
HSK Word: 昌盛 (chāngshèng) - prosperous

Frequency: 1606 out of 9933

Popular words with 昌:
There are almost only places (counties like 南昌县, cities like 南昌 and city districts like 昌平) using this character. We do not know a commonly used word different from 昌盛 (chāngshèng) - prosperous.

chinese character sunrise dan 旦 illustrated

旦 (dàn)
day break, sunrise

The pictograph representing a sun (日) gets another horizontal line in the bottom representing the horizon the sun climbs up behind when rising.

HSK-Level: HSK 5
HSK Word: 一旦 (yídàn) - in case

Frequency: 1300 out of 9933

Popular words with 旦:
元旦 (yuándàn) - new years day

chinese character old past jiu 旧 illustrated

旧 (jiù)
old, used

Do you see the vertical line on the left of the pictograph of sun (日)? I see an old man's walking stick. This old man has seen many days and walked through time - now he needs a walking stick to walk into the day. He is old, used and his really good times are past.

HSK-Level: HSK 3
HSK Word: 旧 (jiù) - old, past, used

Frequency: 915 out of 9933

Popular words with 旧:
旧日 (jiùrì) - former times, old days
废旧 (fèijiù) - old fashioned
依旧 (huáijiù) - fond remembrance of times past/nostalgia

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