Chinese Character 女 (Woman) visualized

These Chinese Characters are based on 女 (Woman)

chinese character tree wood mu 木 illustrated

女 (nǚ)

The pictograph of a woman crossing her legs means woman. In the image you can see her with a fabric or towel hanging over her left arm.

HSK-Level: HSK 1
HSK Word: 女儿 (nǚ'ér) - daughter

Frequency: 224 out of 9933

Popular words with 女:
女人 (nǚrén) - woman
美女 (měinǚ) - beautyful woman
女装 (nǚzhuāng) - womens clothes

combinedAnd if you combine "woman-related" Chinese Characters with other Chinese Characters, you will even get more new characters with absolutely new meaning. These meanings are not always the combination of the combined characters meanings. Sometimes one used element is just for giving a hint for the pronunciation. WoMingbai still tries finding a good story to explain why combining these two characters might result into the new meaning.
chinese character younger sister 妹 illustrated

妹 (mèi)
Younger Sister

The pictograph 女 (nǚ) for "woman" in one character combined with 未 (wèi) for "missing", you get a woman that is missing something for being a finished woman - she is the "younger sister". But if you really want to say "younger sister" you got to use this Character twice: 妹 (mèimei).

HSK-Level: HSK 2
HSK Word: 妹妹 (mèimei) - younger sister

Frequency: 1185 out of 9933

Popular words with 妹:
妹妹 (mèimei) - younger sister
小妹 (xiǎo mèi) - little girl/sister
学妹 (xuémèi) - younger female schoolmate

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