Chinese Character 勹 (wrap) visualized

These Chinese Characters are based on 勹 (wrap)

chinese character wrap bao 勹 illustrated

勹 (bāo)

This character is NOT being used as a standalone character. But it is used to create other very popular characters - so it deserves being here.
The characters meaning is to wrap something and seeing the meanings of all the other characters eveolving from this one, we thought the best picture for it would be a "plate"/a "dish" like you use it for eating. Or maybe you make a deep dish out of it (almost like a bowl) so it better shows the meaning of wrapping something (the "walls" of this deep dish wrapping the food it carries).

HSK-Level: -
HSK Word: -

Frequency: -

Popular words with 勹:

chinese character spoon shao 勺 illustrated

勺 (sháo)

You remember the picture of the plate we had for 勹 (bāo), right?! Now imagine there is a spoon lying on it - you get the character for spoon.

HSK-Level: HSK 4
HSK Word: 勺子 (sháozi) - spoon; scoop; ladle

Frequency: 3275 out of 9933

Popular words with 勺:
勺 (sháo) - spoon; scoop; ladle
勺子 (sháozi) - spoon; scoop; ladle
后脑勺 (hòunǎosháo) - back of the head

chinese character even yun 匀 illustrated

匀 (yún)

Please remember the plate we had for 勹 (bāo) again. Now see some vegetable on it that gets evenly separated so both sides of the plate get an even part.

HSK-Level: HSK 5
HSK Word: 均匀 (jūnyún) - even; well-distributed

Frequency: 2692 out of 9933

Popular words with 匀:
均匀 (bǎixìng) - even; well-distributed
匀称 (yúnchèn) - well shaped/proportioned
调匀 (tiáoyún) - to blend/mix evenly

chinese character do not wu illustrated

勿 (wù)
do not

Again please think of the plate we had for 勹 (bāo). Now place a fork and a knife on it - in the European style of eating. Well, in China you do not eat with fork an knife - do not.

HSK-Level: HSK 5
HSK Word: 勿 (wù) - not; do not

Frequency: 2563 out of 9933

Popular words with 勿:
勿 (wù) - not; do not
非诚勿扰 (fēichéngwùrǎo) - serious inquiries only
切勿 (qièwù) - by no means

chinese character hurriedly cong 匆 illustrated

匆 (cōng)

You remember the plate with fork and knife (勿), right? Well, if you meet an open minded Chinese who is curious on western culture he might be using fork and knife for eating. BUT if he needs to eat hurriedly or in haste he REALLY needs to use his chopsticks (the line crossing the fork and knife in the character 匆.

HSK-Level: HSK 5
HSK Word: 匆忙 (cōngmáng) - hasty; hurried

Frequency: 1622 out of 9933

Popular words with 匆:
匆匆 (cōngcōng) - hurriedly, hastily
匆忙 (cōngmáng) - hasty; hurried

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